Personalized Experiences

Tribe Caribe Cayo Hueso is a creative destination through the lens of responsible travel

We’re very transparent in our desire to support Cuban initiatives and individuals. Every service offered is possible because we have over 25 years experience navigating Cuba. We’re keen to make your travel experience as connected to the people as possible. Our unique access to local Caribbean culture means meaningful travel experiences for our guests.

Connect with like-minded creatives

Tribe Caribe’s co-founder, Grammy award-winning composer and producer, Andrés Levin has organized major events and conferences such as TEDxHabana (2014 and 2015); provided production services for blockbuster films including The Fate of the Furious, and worked as composer and consultant for Childish Gambino’s Guava Island. We’re passionate about making big ideas a reality, powered by our symbiotic relationships with local experts and the community.

• We’ll curate one-on-one meetings and creative sessions with designers and thinkers in your desired field
• Meet our TedxHabana speakers — Cuban thinkers in the arts, sustainability, architecture, Afro-Cuban studies, farming, LGBTQ initiatives, cybernetics, and entrepreneurship
• Masterclasses
• Workshops
• Focused perspectives that are unique to Havana such as film, dance, architecture, and music.

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