What makes us Tribe Caribe is building and supporting community.

Late last year artist and director, Ivan Belaustegui inaugurated his musical ALMA —a tribute to the evolution of African roots in Cuba — at the Teatro Nacional de Cuba. Our dear friends Ivan and his wife Carolina Kleinman stayed with us at Tribe Caribe for the world premiere. The show brought all of our worlds together: a love and support of the arts, celebration of our talented dance community in Cuba, local support of an independent production, deeper storytelling of heritage and history, and hosting guests from around the globe (shout out to our friends at Neue House NYC).

In true hustle style, in the midst of the premiere, Carolina K and her team took over Tribe Caribe to photograph their Summer Pre-Fall collection in our timeless surroundings.

Carolina K's new collection has playful crochet pieces already featured in VOGUE summer style lists. The collection also collaborates with local artist, illustrator, and graphic designer Paola Alejandra Gonzalez on Caribbean prints that celebrate the joyful and resilient vibes of everyday life on the island.

The core of our project, Tribe Caribe means to unify the voice of the Caribbean and Latin America through artistic movements and creative expression. We're so glad to have played a small part providing an inspiring space to communicate big ideas.

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